Land Planning

At H2Land we provide a Comprehensive Service to bring your land forward for development with the best results, in a timely manner.

Without necessarily needing to incur ANY significant consultancy COSTS!

To ensure we maximise your land assets, our team not only engage their breadth of knowledge within the industry, having a comprehensive understanding of both Planning policy and Negotiation strategy, but we will also engage the most appropriate, top class Designers & Consultants to ensure added value for you.
Whether it is overcoming issues, such as Environment Agency requirements, Local Planning problems or negotiating with neighbouring land owners over access or covenants for example, you can be sure that all aspects are tackled effectively with professionalism and efficiency.
As an essential element of maximising your asset you will need to consider tax planning and @ H2Land we always offer full assistance and consultation with Accountants and Tax specialists to realise the most from this valuable asset and enable you to benefit as fully as possible from the planning gain we will deliver.
Whether you have commercial buildings that are under utilised, a large residential property that may be suitable to sub divide or accommodate further development in the grounds, Greenfield sites or any other development opportunity, you will receive a no obligation, free initial development appraisal.
We will then discuss in detail how we could increase the value of your property, by securing elusive planning permissions.
Onve you've secured your valuable permission, we can assist in effective marketing and sale of the sites, using our comprehensive industry contacts, or assist in arranging the development of the site for you, including securing funding, engaging contractors etc
See our Development Consultancy page for more details